Real estate website design for 2016 & beyond!

Mobile real estate website design has become one of our specialties, and for good reason. Effective real estate websites are a combination of lifestyle marketing, up-to-date home buying resources, and easy-to-search home and property listings. We merge these three essential ingredients into a polished online presentation that is fully smartphone compatible, making it a homebuyer's most valued resource. This is as much an art as it is a discipline.

Best Real Estate Web Design of 2016

One of our key strategies for 2016 is to ensure that the website as presented on smartphones is every bit as appealing and functional as it is on desktop and laptop computers. This is because more than half of all homebuyers will visit you website on smartphones. And that's just one of our online marketing strategies for savvy real estate professionals. Here are some of the details that have contributed to our best real estate web design. These websites are well equipped to serve our real estate professional clients well into 2016 & beyond!

Best Real Estate Website Design - #5

The Best Real Estate Websites Market Lifestyles

“My dream home.” Isn’t that what most home buyers are looking for? That “dream” is a lifestyle aspiration, an emotionally charged vision of the goals and hopes that the new home will bring closer to reality. The interests, tastes, and pursuits of the home buyer are closely intertwined with the most pragmatic considerations of the home-buying process. The best real estate website design carefully considers the emotionally charged lifestyle aspirations of potential home buyers and provides a visual presentation that offers it. Here are a few examples:

Best Real Estate Web Design, 2016 – Farm Sales

best real estate web design - farm sales

This mobile real estate website was developed for a realtor that specializes in farm sales. Note how it uses images and color that focuses on the lifestyle aspirations of a potential home buyer. Rather than showing a static image of a property as the main graphic, it welcomes the viewer with a warm, appealing image that speaks of what the farm buyer may yearn for; a great place to raise a family and a simpler, less harried lifestyle. By focusing on the lifestyle aspirations of the potential home-buyer, we tap into the emotions that drive the home buying process.

Shown below, are two home page treatments from a mobile-friendly real estate website for a New York City (Manhattan) real estate agent. This website reflects the lifestyle choices and aspirations of young professionals attracted to the New York City lifestyle. We carefully choose visual elements for this web design that reflect the interests of that unique audience. Take note of the first image. It features a stunning backdrop of the New York City (Manhattan) skyline. That priceless view is the ultimate desire for any home buyer looking for a Manhattan home, condo or apartment.

Best Real Estate Web Design, 2016

best real estate web design - NYC

This second home page panel, from the same New York City real estate website shown above, reflects another lifestyle choice of Manhattan (NYC) home buyers. New Yorkers love their pets, and dogs are an essential element of the Manhattan lifestyle for many. We choose a visual that will touch the hearts of home buyers who have dogs. By using this image (shown below) we let home buyers know that we understand how important pets are to their lifestyle aspirations.

The Best Lifestyle Real Estate Websites for Manhattan

best real estate web design - lifestyle

To create the best real estate web design for your specific market requires an understanding of what matters most to your buyers. What are their passions? What dreams are they investing the home-buying process? This information will help us to create a far more appealing website. The website shown below focuses on the sale of equestrian and equine properties and homes in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. This is horse country, with a vigorous range of sports and activities for those who love horses. Understanding the lifestyle urgings of those who buy properties and homes in this area helped us to create a web design that taps into those emotional aspirations.

The Best Real Estate Websites Are Customer Focused

real estate web design

Really, whether you are selling residential or commercial real estate, knowing the aspirations and lifestyle motivations of your market will make your real estate website a more powerful marketing tool. Good real estate web design is customer focused. It offers information and resources that benefit the potential home-buyer. It is a conduit for the expertise and passion that you, a real estate professional, can share with potential clients. Share what you know, and share it often. You will be viewed as the local resource of choice and the best potential partner in the home-buying process when the consumer decides to buy.

The Best Real Estate Websites Are Smartphone Compatible

In 2016, more than half of the potential home-buyers visiting your real estate website will come from smartphones and portable tablets. Meeting the needs of that audience requires fully responsive website design. Responsive real estate websites adapt to whatever portable device is used to view them, ensuring that your website is fully usable on everything from smartphones to desktop computers. For the past two years, we used responsive web design for all of our real estate websites.

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