I am a Nutella nut.

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There is always, I repeat, always a jar of Nutella in my pantry. As I slave all day over a hot computer creating food websites, most of my snack breaks will inevitably involve some Nutella. It is my fuel, my soul food. Although I was always aware of Nutella on local supermarket shelves, my first sampling of this dark, heavenly goo was in Paris, France, on vacation, nearly 20 years ago. My travelogue from that Paris trip says it all:

"My most memorable meal was in the evening, just before sunset. A street vendor in the Plaza de Republique (the Bastille area) makes the finest banana and Nutella (a spread made of nuts & chocolate) crepes. I would purchase a crepe and a cheap glass of wine. Then, I would take an improvised seat at the foot of the monument in the middle of the Plaza's traffic circle. While striking up a conversation with whoever was sitting at that spot, I would indulge in this joyously simple meal." -Paris, My Love

Nutella has become a year-round obsession. During the winter months, I mix 2 heaping tablespoons of Nutella with a hot water and evaporated milk to create my special version of hot chocolate. I have become so spoiled that I can no longer eat fresh bananas without first slicing them and slathering on some Nutella. Ice cream is always adorned with swirling strands of chocolaty Nutella.

Nutella Milk Shake

Today was a rare day. I finished a jar of Nutella without having a backup for my next snack. This can't be good. Will I have Nutella withdrawal symptoms until I can get my next batch? What is life like without Nutella? In a fit of Nutella madness, I decided to visit Pinterest to see what others do with their Nutella. Wow! The possibilities are endless! Nutella ice cream, Nutella cake, Nutella and peanut butter brownies... Be still my heart!I am now interrupting this post (and my duties as a web designer) to pick up a jar of Nutella at my local Walmart (best price). I was going to try the 2 Ingredient Nutella Ice Cream recipe I found on Pinterest but that requires freezing overnight. That's too long to wait. Hey, the Nutella Coffee milkshake takes only minutes to make and it includes two of my favorite things Nutella and ice-cream... Aaaah. I'm headed out the door for more Nutella! -Don Peterson, the Nutella Web Designer

The Nutella Web Designer