Search Engine Optimization is more than a technical strategy.

You hire an 'SEO guy' to move your website to the first page of search results, and that’s all there is to it, right? Well, No! Here is the substance of a response I gave to a new client on this subject. It is based on more than a decade of experience in helping clients (and my own business) to generate solid business leads online. Hopefully, you will find it candid and useful.

The Truth About SEO

Search Engine Optimization is Not A Quick Fix

First of all, you should consider generating business and leads from your website as a long-term endeavor. It will take a minimum of three to six months of work to see any meaningful traffic improvements. True Search Engine Optimization is not just about having someone tweak your website for a specific keyword or search term. You need to become an online resource, sharing ideas freely, and promoting your expertise. When done smartly and consistently, it is the best way to generate leads.

Scratch Google’s Back, And They Will Scratch Yours

Google loves good, fresh content. After all, they want to send people to useful, quality websites in their search results. That’s good for Google. If you feed Google fresh quality content on an ongoing basis, you will be rewarded. That means writing, interacting and constant online self-promotion. Write consistently, create short videos, upload photos, anything that is relevant to your business and the interests of potential clients. Having a blog that is regularly updated is one of the best ways to do that. Google loves blogs more than any other type of website. I maintain three for my own business and spend about five hours a week generating content for them. In addition, there are ways to promote your content in Social Media, and ways to encourage others to do so.

If you produce interesting content, people will link to your site, and promote it. You will become a valued resource, an expert, a self-styled Dr. Phil if you will.

It Takes Time

Realistically, for a new website in 2016, it will take about six months to a year of consistent and methodical effort to see appreciative results from your Search Engine Optimization efforts. It cannot be rushed and should be considered a long-term strategy for marketing your business. Many give up before seeing a payoff or will not invest the time. The one who perseveres gets the prize.

Search Engine Optimization Requires Consistent Effort

If you are willing to create informative and interesting content each month, I can optimize it for the right search terms and best search engine ranking. However, this only works if there is a consistent and sustained effort. People search the web looking for answers, information, and solutions. By sharing your expertise on an ongoing basis, you generate trust and confidence. People want to know something about you before they choose to work with you. Give away some of your smarts and they will give you their business.

If you develop the mindset of constantly thinking about what will interest your website visitors, you will not run out of ideas. Once the content is written, there are ways to broadcast it very efficiently in Social Media. But it must be a consistent weekly effort. Here is how a content writing strategy I used to help one of my clients to improve website traffic.

I practice what I preach, and have run my web design business for over ten years without paying a cent for advertising. Although I am first and foremost a web designer, I talk about what I do constantly and share what I know. That has generated great results. Colleges link to my web pages as teaching examples. My web pages are linked to and quoted by thousands of people because they offer valuable information. Most new clients usually read a good amount of what I write before deciding to work with me. They perceive me as an expert before they pick up the phone to call me because of what I’ve written. In addition, Google loves my websites. Both websites usually show up on the first page of search results for hundreds of keywords.

It's not enough just to send people to your website. You have to feed them something interesting and useful. Give them good, fresh content on a regular basis and you will have done the best possible Search Engine Optimization for your website.


The Truth About SEO