Should Web Design be Timeless or Trendy?

It depends on what we are promoting. Is it of lasting value, or meant to be temporary? There are times when trendy website design has its place. We may be promoting a product or event that is of the moment. It is a fad that will not (nor is intended) to endure. For such things trendy web design may be appropriate.

web design timeless or trendy

Most of us, however, want the fruits of our labor to be sustainable. If we have a small business we seek assets that provide lasting value. It just makes good business sense. Timeless website design. therefore, is a sound business decision. But what is it, and what are its benefits?

Timeless web design supports brand longevity.

A business logo is designed for longevity and permanence. Why? It becomes an instantly recognizable 'face' for your company and brand. For good reason therefore, it is not changed often. You want it to be memorable.

timeless design

Consider the Coca-Cola logo. It has used the same basic Spencerian style script since the company began in 1886. Minor changes and updates have been made over the years, but the basic look has remained consistent. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Timeless web design is a part of sound and consistent branding. It should help your brand to be recognizable and memorable online. There are certain things beyond our control in this regard. The speed with which Internet related technologies change and morph must be factored into web design. For example, Mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets require certain compromises and adjustments in how we design for the Web. In spite of that, it is still possible to maintain a timeless look that promotes the longevity of your brand.

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Timeless websites have good taste.

If you spend a considerable amount of money for a bespoke suit or garment, most likely you will choose a design or style that is conservative. A well tailored bespoke suit can last a lifetime. You want it to look tasteful and appropriate both today and years from now. The same can be said of timeless web design. It is free of gaudy fads or trends. It reflects good taste that looks fresh and appealing for years to come.

Timeless Websites Are Good Value

You may spend a bit more upfront for web design that is timeless. However, because it works for your business years longer than a web design that quickly dates itself, it proves to be a better long term value.

I like to use my freelance web design portfolio as an example. The current design (shown above) was refreshed in 2015 (prior design shown below) to be mobile friendly. I had to make major changes in the design to reflect the technology and tools that are used at present. However, my prior design lasted for ten years (a very long lifespan in Web years) and would still be on-line today if the demands of Mobile Web did not arise.

The Virtues of Timeless Web Design

timeless web design

I miss my old web design. It had certain virtues that simply are not practical in a modern 'responsive' website design. If I could make an analogy, it was a beautiful, classic 1965 Jaguar XKE. The current design is more like its successor, the 2016 Jaguar F-Type. Still very attractive, but incorporating changes required by modern standards and regulations. Hopefully, this modern portfolio design will have the same appeal over the long term.

jaguar - Timeless design

I Create Timeless Websites

If you want excellent long term value from your small-business website, call Don Peterson . I create website that are memorable and attract more online customers.

Timeless Web Design or Trendy?