New York City Photography

These photos were all taken about six years ago in the Times Square area. It was, at that time a more family friendly environment. I have not been there since then, and the recent news stories about how it is changing for the worst make me less inclined than ever to return. So, I no longer recommend it as a reason to visit New York.

I cannot deny that my background as a New Yorker has shaped me as a web designer. And, as a photographer! I have spent many hours wandering the streets of New York City with a camera as my constant companion. The glitter of Times Square was a favorite subject. It offers a dazzling light-show during what photographers call 'the golden hour,' the hour or so around sunset. I have captured some of my favorite photos during that time. The photos shown below are some of my favorites.

Times Square, New York City Photo

Free to download and use as you please!

I am making these photos available for download. You can use them as you please. All I ask is a credit and link to my website if you use them on a blog or website. Clicking on any thumbnail opens the full-sized image. Typically, these photos are at least 900 pixels wide, suitable for blog posts and websites. Enjoy!

Times Square, New York City