The travel web design you need in 2016 to woo consumer's hearts!

Take a look this travel website design. Go on, take a good look! It pulls you in doesn't it? The romantic sunset, the utterly charming coastal resort town... Can you see yourself in that setting? Can you feel the gentle breezes, the quiet tinkling as your drink is refreshed by the pleasant waiter? This is the allure of travel!

travel website design - 2016

Now, I want you to notice something very special about this travel website design. Look at the same website as it is rendered on a smartphone. It's a much smaller screen. However, all of the emotion and allure of the large screen presentation is preserved on a smartphone! Normally, when you view most websites on smartphones, something is lost in the translation. However, it is vitally important that your travel website makes a great presentation on smartphones in 2016 and beyond! Why is that so?

Travel consumers are highly dependent on smartphone.

"Mobile devices effectively serve as a concierge, guide and companion for travelers, who rely on smartphones and other mobile devices at every stage." - More than half of all Internet search and browsing in 2015 was done on smartphones. Travelers are leading the trend. Mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets are tightly integrated into both the planning and daily activity of business and leisure travel. Does your travel website market as effectively on smartphones as it does on a laptop or desktop computer? It must if you want to win the hearts of travel consumers.

travel website design - 2016

For good reason, the mobile version of your travel website is the most important. It can no longer be treated as a sideshow or add-on. For many travel consumers, they only device they will use to access your website will be a smartphone. With my website design, you can make that experience a motivating one!

Here are key features of this travel website design:

♥ Full smartphone and tablet compatibility. This web design uses 'responsive' web design technology, that has Google's highest recommendation.

♥ You can easily edit and update all content on the website. It can be used to feature every type of travel product you offer. With a WordPress content management system, you can maintain your website with no technical skills needed.

♥ With this website, you can feature hotels, bed & breakfasts, apartments, cruises, destinations, tours, car rentals & more!

♥ Some of the most beautiful travel stock photos you will see online engage the emotions of your travel customer in this web design. I research diligently to find the most alluring travel photos to adorn your website.

♥ Social Media tools. You and visitors to your website will be able to instantly like, tweet, and share your web pages. This enhances the traffic to your website, and can help to improve your ranking in Google and other search engines.

♥ Blogging tools. You can easily maintain a blog to provide travel tips, photos, and special tours and travel packages.

♥ I install the latest email subscription and newsletter tools that allow you to keep a growing list of subscribers up to date with your latest offers, specials, and travel tips.

♥ Solid support. I tutor you to in how to maintain your website, and to write posts and content updates that enhance Search Engine Optimization.

Above all, your travel business will benefit from my passion for creating great travel web design. Nothing stirs the creative energies in me as much as the opportunity to create beautiful web pages that pay homage to the world's most beautiful destinations. Give me a call! I will be happy to show you a full-working version of this website that you can test on your smartphone. Your travel customers will love it and you will too!

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