Travel Websites That Stand Out!

In many ways, website design is becoming much like automobile design. Most cars look the same nowadays, with relatively minor variations. That is partially due to necessity. All cars need to be familiar in how they operate, and meet consistent safety and operation standards. To some degree, this is also true of travel website design. It must follow certain standards to be easily used by the widest possible audience. Navigation and content layout follows common standards so that each travel website operates in the way we expect. Design something that feels and looks unfamiliar, and your risk confusing people. That can mean lost customers and sales. How do we create standout travel websites that attract new customers?

How To Make Your Travel Website Stand Out

The answer to that question can also be found in automotive design. What makes a Jaguar or BMW, or for that matter a Bentley or Rolls Royce more desirable than most vehicles? The answer lies in the attention to detail. When the engineering, design and finish meets a higher standard, that car becomes a luxury or performance icon revered by the car-buying public. That car may be like most others, with four wheels, two or four doors, etc. However, the craftsmanship and quality of development and execution take it to a higher, more appealing level. How can that same effect be accomplished in your travel website design? Simple. Rigorous attention to design, detail and finish. Granted, the basic “nuts and bolts” of the website are common to all websites. However, the eye of a passionate and focused craftsman can make your travel website more appealing, effective and memorable.

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Travel Website Design Is Emotional

A travel website focuses on an emotion-driven buying decision. Therefore, the elements of great travel website design, while technical in execution, are emotional in impact. Great travel websites use color, layout and overall presentation in a way that makes an emotional connection with the viewer. It breathes with the same emotional qualities that make recreational travel so appealing. Through skillful visual communication, highly effective travel website design helps the viewer to see themselves and their dreams in your website.

Three Keys To Appealing Travel Websites

First, an appealing travel website uses color to create an emotional bond. Color has emotional value, and the skillful web designer weaves color in a way that appeals to the heart of your potential online customer. Secondly, images and photos must do more than illustrate, they must tell a story that tugs at the emotions of your audience. Finally, the layout must work to enhance and support your message. When these three elements are skillfully woven, the final result is an unforgettable website that has the appealing cachet of an endearingly beautiful Jaguar or Aston Martin.

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At we love to create emotional travel websites that win the hearts of customers (we created the websites seen on this page). Are you a travel professional looking to attract more customers? Please contact Don Peterson, Mobile Website Design Consultant for a free discussion of your online marketing needs We would love to create a highly effective online presentation for your business.

Travel Websites That Stand Out!