Less is more.

Can that principle, credited to renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe also apply to web design? Absolutely! A restrained or limited color palette often contributes to more effective and tasteful web design. Here's why:

less color - better web design

Use of restrained, simple color palettes are an effective way to convey a sense of luxury and elegance to American and European audiences. With the limited space we have for content in a web page, simple, clean color palettes using neutral or pastel colors has the effect of creating an open, "airy," feeling. Here is an example of this principle in action:

less color - better web design

In this web design, we wanted to create an enhanced sense of luxury and openness. We choose what is basically a one color palette. The tan base color is repeated on all pages of the site and provides a clean, simple foundation for the graphic elements in this design.

Even when the web page contains numerous elements, the restrained color palette makes the design feel light and open.

less colors better website design

When using color restraint, the placement of elements in the web design becomes much more important. Layouts demand a higher level of refinement. However, like black and white photography, color restraint trains the designer's eye to see tone and shadow as vital design elements that add drama and interest to the web page design layout.

Color restraint is a principle often used in our web design for fashion, jewelry, and cosmetic websites. Contact Don Peterson for more information.

Less Color for Better Web Design