Responsive Website Design & the Old Masters

I wanted to add a bit of flair to my secondary responsive website design portfolio, An ongoing quest of mine is to seek ways to bring the human touch into web design. In other words, to make something generated by a processor chip feel more like a handmade product. To achieve that “look and feel” in this project, I decided to borrow from the “Old European Masters” of painting. Their work has sumptuous textures and rich colors that instantly convey a sense of hand-shaped artistry and craftsmanship to the modern eye.

vintage responsive web design

Responsive Website Design Retro Look Home Page

In this web design project, I decided to tell the very modern story of power of mobile computing in the hands of consumers with the old-world patina of classic European portraiture. I wanted the artwork to look flawed, with the sort of imperfections typical of hand crafting. The textures and colors give a real depth to the web pages that cannot be easily duplicated with the slick sheen of modern photography.

vintage mobile web design

Vintage Style Responsive Design