I Want A Better Website!

Most businesses recognize that having a website is a necessity. And, many who have an online presence may want a better website. Why? Perhaps the current website is outdated and does not provide current information about your business. Or, it does have current features and options that online customers demand. And here's the big issue problem that plagues just about all older websites: It is not smartphone compatible (Mobile friendly).

Why You Need A Better Website

In many ways, your website is a 24-hour a day salesperson, introducing your business to potential customers and clients for the first time. It makes the first impression that a potential online customer has of your business. Will that first impression contribute to the success of your business, or hinder it? What are the keys to a successful website? Here are five basic values that you should focus on as you consider upgrading your website:

Why You Need A Better Website

Five Keys To A Better Website

♥ Authoritative Content – It’s Shows That You're An Expert
♥ Emotional Appeal – Your Website Is Easy To Like
♥ Easy To Use – Simple Navigation, Legible Content
♥ It Is Up To Date – Current Information and Answers
♥ It Is Responsive – Mobile Web Ready

Let’s consider these five keys to an improved website one at a time:

1. Authoritative Content

A successful website furnishes plenty of proof that you are good at what you do. How? Your content is thoughtful, useful, and authoritative. Most potential customers find your website during the process of looking for answers or information online. Your website must offer more than a vague or generic sales pitch. It must offer useful information. It is more important to inform than to sell online. As your website informs and educates a potential online customer, it becomes the first resource they choose both for answers and products. In addition, by sharing your expertise and passion for your business, you create a dynamic and appealing personality for your website. You become a needed and unforgettable resource.

Here’s another benefit to consider: Authoritative content will improve your search engine ranking. Search engines want to send users to the best content. If you have great content, they will reward you for it. This is a fundamental way to improve your website. Let's consider another:

I Want A Better Website! Why?

2. Emotional Appeal.

Let’s be real. People do business with people they like. The same is true of websites. The emotional qualities that make you likable as a person must also be evident in your website. Is this true of your current website? Does your website design convey such appealing values as warmth and kindness? Does it intimidate or welcome? Is it tastefully dressed, or garish? Does it inspire and engage the eye? Does it touch the heart?

The Emotional Benefits of Better Web Design

Design matters. Many of these emotional values are infused in successful websites though a skillful website redesign. Your website’s 'look and feel' is your online personality. A personable website touches the hearts of viewers, motivating them to choose your business when they are ready to buy. Do not underestimate the power of emotional appeal, especially in business-to-consumer websites. Appealing to the feelings of your potential customer is one of the most powerful ways to influence a buying decision.

3. Easy To Use

Is your current web design cluttered and confusing? It is better to be simple than clever when it comes to your website design. Make it easy to find information and answers. Successful websites use standard navigation tools, and clean, legible layouts. A visitor should not be forced to learn how to use your website. Navigating your website and reading content is much easier if you stick to what is familiar. Avoid overly intricate and fancy menus. Make sure that your content is legible and easy to read. Avoid cluttered pages and backgrounds. Keep it simple.

Better Website Design is Easy to Use

4. Up To Date

Thankfully, modern and inexpensive Content Management Systems (CMS) make it quite easy to keep all website information fresh and up-to-date. Successful websites are always providing something new. By keeping information current, you motivate potential customers to return to your website, often. It is not enough to build a website. It must be a constant work-in-progress to be successful. Many times, a potential customer will visit your website repeatedly before making a buying decision. Offer them something new each time they visit. After all, you don’t hold the same exact conversation each time you meet a repeat customer. Neither should your website. A CMS allows you to easily add new content with minimal technical skills. The best way to do that is to maintain a blog, an online journal that allows you to share current information and interact with potential customers.

5. A Better Website Is Mobile Friendly

Smartphones currently generate more than 50% of the Web traffic coming into all websites. A successful website in 2016 (and beyond) must use responsive web design to ensure that it is usable on all Mobile Web devices, including smartphones and tablets. If your website cannot be viewed properly on mobile devices (and most cannot) you will lose the ability to reach half of the online consumers looking for goods and services. Plus, your website ranking will suffer in search engines. For ongoing website success, responsive website design is a necessity.

Better Web Design Is Mobile Friendly

These five keys to a successful website can work with all types of businesses and services. A good web designer can guide you in using these principles in making your website a hardworking business tool. These are the fundamental principles we use to build successful websites at WebDesignPortfolio.us. The images on this page show samples of some of the successful websites we have built over the past decade. Please call Don Peterson, Mobile Web Designer, at for a free consultation. We want your website (and your business) to succeed!

I Want A Better Website!