WebDesignPortfolio.us is now mobile-friendly!

I don't change the look of my web design portfolio very often. The last re-design was just over nine years ago and served well in promoting my brand and body of work. Now, because smartphones are becoming the mobile device most often used to browse the Web, I must upgrade.

we are mobile friendly

For me, it's like trading in a ten-year-old top-of-the-line luxury GT (that's still runs perfectly) for the latest model. The new model has standard features practically unheard of a decade ago, such as self-parking, collision-avoidance systems, and dynamic traction control. It can even do 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds.


Modern mobile-friendly 'responsive' web design is in many ways like a full-featured, well equipped top-of-the-line vehicle. It can instantly adapt the layout of my website to any mobile device screen including smartphone, iPhones, tablets and more.  What's more, it ensures that the full navigability and functionality of my website is available on any mobile device. The search engines are demanding that we make the upgrade. As of  April 21, 2015, being mobile-friendly has become vital to your website's ability to be found in Google. They are now giving preference to mobile-friendly websites in mobile search.

web design philosophy #1

This is how we looked in 2015 before becoming mobile friendly.

Meeting the challenge of becoming mobile friendly

One of the first things I realized was the need to update content. I had a static HTML website with over 700 pages of old blogs, articles  and design samples that have little relevance to what I am doing now or the present day needs of my clients. My portfolio reflected nearly two decades of web design. Plenty of great memories there. However, like an overgrown shrub, it had to be trimmed and shaped to maintain its appeal. Those 700 pages have been trimmed down to less than 50. I kept only what was relevant and useful.

Web Design Portfolio Redesign

This is how our website looked in 2001

One of the things that strike me is how the challenges of web design have changed so much in nearly two decades. Early on, we wrestled with the clunky HTML to get it to create the beautiful work it simply was not designed for. Now, web design is dictated by the technology chosen by consumers. Who imagined that we would need to build websites to be viewed on a pocket size smartphone screen?

It's an exciting time to be a web designer. The speed with which technology advances means that we are always learning, and never bored. I look forward to seeing what new challenges this industry brings in the coming months and years. -Don Peterson

We Are Mobile Friendly!