Create Your Personal Brand With Your Website!

This is one of my favorite web design projects of recent times. It perfectly embodies the emotional values and sense of personality we like to build into our web design for freelancers and small business owners who need to establish a unique and colorful online presence.

Web Design for Personal Branding

Why Consultants Need Online Branding and Identity

Self-employed specialists and consultants must create a personal brand with their website. For better or for worse, your website is your online personality and identity. Therefore, your web design must convey the same warmth, business acumen, and passion that you project in a face-to-face meeting with a potential customer.

Web Design for Personal Branding

Developed for a well-known New York City-based freelance copywriter, this website leaves behind the typical corporate "look and feel" and expresses all of the verve and wit that her personality exudes!

We wanted to create a web design that had a real sense of personality. It had to express warmth and spirit, not the typical "cut and dry" sales pitch so often seen in business consultant websites. After all, our client is no ordinary freelancer. Crowned "The Poet of Property " by the New York Times, our client is well known for creating some of the very best real estate copywriting in New York City. Her crisp and inspiring copywriting is prized by the city's top realtors. We wanted to create a visual presentation as stylish as the real estate sold by her winsome words.

One of the biggest challenges that came with this web design project was finding an iconic home page image that would become the main visual establishing our client's personal branding. It had to feel natural, and ebb with personality. Our client loves classic typewriters. They are also a fitting symbol for her business. The challenge was finding a truly interesting and unique image of a typewriter that could tell her story in a single image. After much searching, we found the perfect photo in the online gallery of a Brooklyn-based amateur photographer. It told the story that set the tone for this website. That photo (see top image) has become our client's brand, featured on the home page of the website, and on business cards (we designed the business card shown below) and other marketing materials used by our client.

Web Design Personal Branding - Sample 3

As you browse the web design, you will see that the design of content pages varies in a way that is intended to hold the viewer's interest. While sticking to a consistent layout, we change color palettes and background images for each main section of the website. They are, however, all tied together by a common theme. The images all have a very natural, textured, tactile "look and feel." This is for good reason. We wanted to maintain a sense of warmth with each page of the website, reminding the viewer that there is a real person behind this website. Far too often, web design feels very sterile and lifeless. We avoid that tendency by our use of color and texture.

Being a freelancer, our client has plenty of samples to display in her portfolio. We created an attractive icon based navigation for each .pdf sample linked to in the portfolio. This allows a visitor to get a thumbnail-sized preview of each document before clicking on the link. Here again, we sought to make the icons as appealing as possible to encourage extended browsing by the viewer.

While there are over 50 pages on this website, it never feels intimidating or confusing. We stick to a well-known navigation strategy, with a simple drop-down menu. Navigation is clearly marked and easy to follow.

Make A Unique Impression With Your Website

Business consultants must make a memorable statement with their website. The web design must convey the same warmth and appeal that comes with a face-to-face meeting. If the website feels like a generic template, it will not engage a potential client. It must be unique, personable, and colorful. Web design must be emotional if it is to motivate. This website is a perfect example of our use of proven principles of emotional web design to make an unforgettable presentation. Are you a freelancer or small business owner? We can help you to make an online presentation that motivates potential customers. Call Don Peterson at for a free consultation.

Web Design For Personal Branding