What Is Web Design Style?

The Oxford Dictionary gives the following definition of style: "a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed." We appreciate style as an essential component of website design. When based on sound principles, it can be enduring, timeless and distinctive. It can also make your product or business more memorable and appealing in a competitive online market.

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Does your website design have style? It should! After all, the Web is a visual communication medium, and can be an effective way to promote your product or business. Web design style can, and should, offer a distinctive appearance that portrays your business at its best advantage.

Plenty of Web Design, But Little Style

There is no shortage of web designers offering their services online. However, in all truthfulness, much of the web design offered today has little style. Most web designers tend to follow whatever web design fads are hot at the moment. The 2.0 look, the flat look, the Parallax look ... most modern web design tends to fall into one of these slavishly copied categories. As a result, most websites look the same. Rather than create a look or style that best suits your business, most web designers simply use what is fundamentally a template based on a design fad popular at the moment.

Now, to be honest, there must be some consistency to all websites. As in automobiles, where the steering wheel, brake lever, and gas pedal are always found in the same place, we must also use some degree of consistency in web design to avoid confusing the user. That's understandable. But beyond those consistent elements, there is a wonderful opportunity to create a bespoke sense of style that makes your business website distinctive and memorable. After all, who would buy a Jaguar if it was indistinguishable from a Chevy? Web design style can give your brand value in a way that attracts and motivates new customers.

A sense of style makes your business website distinctive, memorable, and motivates customers ...

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What Gives Web Design Style?

Style, as we stated at the outset is a distinctive appearance determined by design principles. We work by a clear and proven set of web design principles that shape our approach to style. For example, we firmly believe that web design must be endowed with the same emotional values we find so appealing in person-to-person conversation. It must be likable, friendly, and hospitable. It must exude good taste and respect for the potential customer or visitor. We believe that web design must always have a human touch. These are just a few of the principles that guide a sense of style that has made our business-to-consumer website design highly effective and memorable. Our websites do more than convey information, they evoke positive emotions and responses in the people who visit them.

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Of course, style is also about good looks. Our ability to create a good-looking website is a given. But good looks must be the servant of your business objectives, not simply a pretty face. We have all seen websites where the presentation is so flashy that you remember nothing about the product it promoted. Web design is not a self-serving art, it is a tool of commerce. Keeping this in mind, we strive to create a design that never overpowers or gets in the way of its most important objective: To sell or promote your product or service.

The images seen on this page shows a few of the stylish, hard working websites we have created for satisfied clients. In addition to web design, we offer our clients sound marketing and search engine optimization strategies to maximize online effectiveness. We can help you to do the same. Contact New York Freelance Web Designer Don Peterson at for a no-obligation discussion of your web design needs. Highly effective web design style is only a phone call away.

Why Your Website Needs Style!