As web designers, our focus has shifted from tracking the latest variants of desktop computers to the newest feature sets in smartphones. For early September, we await the introduction of the new iPhone 7 from Apple. The key rumored updates for the iPhone 7 are expected to be a curved 5.5 inch or larger screen, AMOLED display, and a dramatic update in design. There is also a rumor that this update will include wireless earbuds. We will stay posted!

iPhone 7 Release News

The iPhone 7 is not the only big news in September...

For September, I am in the process of developing that new pricing model for WordPress website design that will include all the features needed by small businesses at a value-packed price. I will be offering sophisticated web design that will look and function with the level of quality you would expect to pay for more for. Stay tuned for more info!

Also, I have moved my website from the domain back to I realized that a domain I held for more than fifteen years (the original name of this website) had too many SEO advantages that were lost when I transferred my portfolio to the new domain site. So, what's old is new again. Plus, this will be a good way to see what positive effect my old domain name will have on my search engine ranking.

Why Choose WordPress for Small Business Websites

Google Removes 'Mobile Friendly' Label in Mobile Search

Google will no longer add the 'Mobile Friendly' label to websites in its mobile search results that are mobile compatible. More than 85% of the websites in mobile search are now Mobile-friendly. The question is, is your website among the 15% that are not yet mobile compatible? Here is a good article on the benefits of being mobile friendly. And here are some tips on upgrading to a responsive website.

How To Create Appealing Content Pages For Your Website

Most visitors to your website from search engines may never see your home page. Will your website content pages have the needed visual appeal? Here are some great ways to enhance the content page website design for your small business website.

New In My Portfolio: Tasty Bake Shop Design

I recently completed a web design project for a popular pastry chef that specializes in baked good and recipes for diabetics. Learn more about the diabetic pastry chef website design.

Bake Shop Website Design - Diabetic pastry Chef

More news to come. Return soon!

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