Web Design Must Be A Good Communicator

Web design, despite all of its artistic aspirations, is first of all, communication. You are delivering a message, or supporting a message that your client wants to express. I have found that having a firm grasp of communication skills as they apply to public speaking has made me a more effective web designer. How so? Here are some basic principles of good communication, and how they can help us to become better web designers.

web design must communicate clearly

Words must be clearly spoken, In order for communication to be effective, it must be understood. When you enunciate carefully, others understand what you say. You are more likely to be taken seriously when you are clearly understood.

Does Your Website Communicate Clearly?

As web designers, we must clearly communicate our clients message. We use color, graphics, and layouts that convey a message. Is it the right message? How can each element in our web design contribute to clear communication?

First, is the text legible? Does the color of the text make it distinct, easy to read, or must one struggle to read it because it is faint, has poor contrast, or is too small? That can be compared to someone who speaks only in a whisper--it forces the listener to stain to hear the message. Make sure that your web copy is easy to read.

Does the text have sufficient white space? There should be a pleasing ratio of space around blocks of text, and, between lines of text. Find any website where the text is a pleasure to read, and you will usually see a pleasing amount of white space (space around blocks of text) and leading (the space between lines of text). Being stingy in this regards will cause text to crowd together--like trying to decipher the speech of someone who speaks too rapidly. Good use of white space contributes to a clearly understood message.

Does your web design communicate clearly?

Let's now consider the graphics you've chosen to adorn your page. Can the viewer understand why you've chosen a particular photo or illustration? Is its purpose clearly understood? Like slurred or indistinct speech, a poorly chosen graphic does not convey a clear message. It is better to use no graphic, than to have one that does not convey the proper message.

Finally, consider your color choices. Think about the spirit of your client's message. Is it a warm appeal, an exciting pitch, or a cool approach? Do the colors convey the spirit of your message? Warm colors for a warm appeal, cool colors for a cool approach, etc. You get the idea. Color conveys a message. Make sure that it is clearly in harmony with the overall message of your presentation.

In closing, good web design is clear, and easily understood. Make sure all elements used in your web design speak clearly. If they are not easily understood by the viewer, they will not be taken seriously. I can help your business to communicate clearly and effectively online! Contact Don Peterson for a free website evaluation and discussion.

Web Design Should Speak Clearly