A Copywriter Website Design That Sparkles!

We all have unique facets of our personality that make us memorable or likable. What about your website? Is it a bland collection of facts and figures mixed with the occasional generic stock photo? Or, does it breathe with personality, and a bit of attitude? Think about the television commercials that seem to stick most in your memory. Most likely, its because of a colorful personality portrayed in that ad. If you want your web site to be memorable , it should have a bit of positive attitude as well!

web design with attitude

Why Self-Employed Professionals Need Web Design With Attitude

It is especially important for freelancers and self-employed professionals to convey a bit of their personality in their website. A generic, “me-too” template look to your website will not help you to stand out. You are your brand, your business! You need a bit of flair and color to make your online presentation memorable and distinct. We add that extra bit of visual spice to our website design for consultants and freelancers.

Website Design With Personality

This is a recent web design we created for a New York City based copywriter. It reflects the spirit not only of her business, but her own personality as well. She loves classic typewriters and rich earth tone colors, and both are reflected in the design of this web site. The photo on the home page is not your typical generic business stock photo. It was chosen for its unique ability to mirror the personality of this small business.

Giving a small business web design a warm and appealing personality is not easy. It often takes quite a bit of research and design work to develop a look and feel that brings the web site to life. To find the quirky, colorful photo used on the home page (see top image), I went beyond typical stock photography sources. This photo was purchased from a gifted amateur photographer in Brooklyn (New York City) who posts her personal photos on Flickr. In fact, we were the first to buy one of her photos. The extra effort made to find just the right photo paid off . It really breathes life and spirit into this web design!

So, get some attitude! Don’t let your web site be a generic, forgettable fact sheet. Make it real. Give it the human touch! We can help bring your website to life! Contact Don Peterson, Mobile Website Designer, at for a free consultation.

Web Design With Attitude