A New Wedding DJ Website in Our Stable!

Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new wedding DJ website that I am currently working on. This freelance web design project is for an entertainment company in Houston, Texas that provides DJ services along with other entertainment options in the Houston metro area.

Wedding DJ website design

We are using WordPress (isn't everyone nowadays) as the Content Management System for this website, Of course, it will be a responsive (mobile-friendly) web design to ensure smartphone compatibility (and Google's full approval).

Refining The Website


This wedding DJ website design gets better after a good nights sleep. I come back to the design with a fresh eye to see how it can be improved. I decided to tweak the colors to match the blue in the logo and to use the main graphic as a watermark style element in the lower half of the design. These refinements are the tiny steps that lead to a polished final deliverable that we can proudly give to our client.

I am eager to complete this project and hand over to our client a potent online marketing tool that will help to grow his business. Stay tuned for more!

Wedding DJ Website Design