As much as I love web design, I cannot focus all of my energies solely on creating great websites. I need to put on my marketing hat and sell what I do to new clients from time to time. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the local businesses in our community when it comes to marketing. For example the places where I eat for lunch and local businesses where I shop are prime candidates for good web design. It is usually easy to have a good rapport with local business owners. It makes good business sense to always be ready to offer my services in a brief and concise way as I go about my day.

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Here is a flyer I developed for my business to do just that. "Is your business on my smartphone?" That question immediately helps small business owners to see the importance of smartphone compatible web design. Consumers using their smartphones to find and research local businesses. A Mobile website insures that their business is always accessible and presentable on the one device consumers keep with them at all times.

I am a web designer foremost. However, I often design business cards and flyers for my clients that compliment the websites I create for them. I can do the same for your business. Contact Don Peterson for more information and a free quote.

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