Web design for that special day...

Something borrowed... something blue...  something stylish for the bride and Web too! When our client approached us to create an elegant web design for her wedding - bridal tattoos, we were delighted. The high style of her chic Wedding - Bridal tattoos and our web design would be the perfect marriage!

Wedding Bridal Services Web Design

These temporary tattoos are designed to compliment the bridal dress on the wedding day. We worked in close collaboration with our client to develop a look that had the elegance and simplicity needed to convey the spirit of her product line. It also had to use a color palette that would instantly communicate with wedding planners and new brides. To that end, we developed a simple color palette that uses a shade of cyan as the prime color in the website design.

Website Design - Wedding & Bridal

To convey a sense of elegance, we made careful use of whitespace as a critical design element. The soft, open, airy, web design invites the reader with legible text in an attractive and refined layout. You may also enjoy reading about another website I designed for destination weddings.

Bridal & Wedding Services Website design

This freelance web design project sets the right tone for my client's business. Indeed, it is a wedding of a great product and compelling design that will stand the test of time!

Wedding & Bridal Website Design…