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Smartphones have become an essential tool for New York brides-to-be seeking wedding services. My New York Wedding Planner Website Design helps local professionals to reach these prospective brides online. Smartphones are a constant companion for modern brides and one of the most efficient way for local vendors to promote wedding services and products.

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Beyond that, there are a myriad of ways that web design can meet the needs of engaged couples and newlyweds. Brides and wedding planners can use smartphones to reach brides, family and wedding guests. And, wedding websites are a great way to provide photos and memories of weddings for family and friends to share.

I create websites with beautiful, emotion driven design. Just as important, my websites serve brides on smartphones, the Mobile device they use most often to access the Web.

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Wedding Website Design for Smartphones

If you are a New York wedding professional, think about how a bride-to-be may find you. She may do her initial online research during a bit of free time on her computer at work. She finds your wedding services website, bookmarks it, and returns to it for more information during her lunch hour on her smartphone or tablet. The only way for your website to fully meet her needs on both the computer and smartphone is if it has responsive website design. That ensures that all information on your website can be viewed on any Web-enabled device.

The bride-to-be also needs wedding website design for smartphones. According to a recent article from Verizon, three out of five brides use smartphones for wedding planning. Friends and family of the bride use smartphones to keep in touch. They send photos, emails, and share websites on their smartphones. It is the ideal medium for RSVP responses to wedding invitations, and photo sharing.

Three out of five brides use smartphones for wedding planning.

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The images shown on this page feature sample wedding website design from my portfolio. I specialize in smartphone-compatible wedding website design. Whether you are a wedding professional or bride-to-be, I can help you to create a beautiful and emotionally engaging website that touches the hearts of your viewers. Please contact Don Peterson, New York Mobile Website Design, for a free discussion. I am delighted to answer your questions and dedicated to helping you create the perfect website for your needs.

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