A Touch of Whimsy!

The dictionary defines whimsy as: a touch of humor or playfulness. One of my clients recently asked for a website design with a touch of whimsy. It must appeal to senior citizens, so the whimsy had to be in good taste, not overwhelming to the point that it seemed childish. With that in mind, here is what was accomplished:

whimsical website design

The first element I created was the logo. It uses a handwritten font that abounds in whimsy. yet, has good clarity and taste. With the logo as my inspiration, I began to develop the home page design. Simplicity and clarity are top objectives in this home page design. Legibility is also very important. The color palette in each graphic element compliments the overall look of the page. There is a touch of whimsy, and the design has a more feminine feel (the owners are women). However, it is not excessive. It is appropriate for the mature audience it targets. What is more, it feels inviting and hospitable, two emotional qualities I try to convey in all business-to-consumer websites.

Finally, this web design is mobile-friendly (responsive), and is based on WordPress, allowing my client to easily edit and add content on their own.

If a touch of whimsy is needed for your business website, call Don Peterson, Mobile Website Designer , for a free no-obligation discussion of your web design needs.

Whimsical Website Design