Why choose my freelance web design studio?

Am I the right freelance web designer for you? Here are three great reasons why you should consider me for your next web design project!

why choose my web design studio

1. Emotional website design expertise.

With all of the emphasis placed on technology and software, website design is fundamentally a form of communication with other humans. I use emotional website design to 'tug at the heart strings' of consumers. With a keen understanding of the psychology of marketing (my background is in advertising), I create web design with a human touch. Most web design feels technical and sterile. I have a passion for creating web design that feels warm, inviting and friendly. Those human qualities make your website unforgettable. They are of special value to female consumers who are most often the prime decision makers in family purchases.

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2.  Budget Friendly Mobile Websites

Let's face it. Looks matter. How would you dress for a meeting if you wanted to make the best possible first impression? Consumers prefer to deal with businesses that have an aura of success. I create BMW quality web design at Chevy prices. Unlike most budget mobile web design that looks like a generic template, you will have the best looking storefront online. In fact, I place an emphasis on making the presentation on mobile devices the best possible. For good reason. Most consumers will see your website on a smartphone or tablet first. It must make a good impression!

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3. I Know Search Engine Optimization & You Will Too!

A beautiful website is of little value if no one sees it. I insure that your website attracts qualified online traffic by developing an ongoing strategy for building online search engine traffic. There is no 'hocus-pocus' or 'black art' to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It requires common strategies that are easily implemented in a program of monthly maintenance. I know what works and you will too.

Choose Us As Your Website Designers

Don Peterson, the freelance web designer behind Newark1.com brings a depth of experience from print advertising at top NYC ad agencies. My web design has won awards nationally and is often used as exemplars in college level web design courses. Call Don for a free no-obligation discussion of your web design needs.

Why Choose My Web Design Studio?