Microsoft wants a bigger share of the online search market.

The reviews of Windows 10 search features and its tight integration with Cortana, Windows 10 new voice assistant have been very positive overall. In fact, many of the reviewers see Windows 10 positioned as formidable competition to Google Search. The integration of Windows 10 search features is so fluid and usable that it may give Microsoft a much larger share of the search market. Why is this relevant to website designers and website owners?

Windows 10 - All About Search

Pay Attention to Bing Search Optimization

Since Bing, Microsoft's search engine, is the search engine powering Windows 10, it will benefit greatly from the likelihood that Windows 10 users will largely, by default, be using Windows 10 search instead of Google (unless they go through the effort of switching from the default search engine settings). We've lived in a Google search universe for years now. Bing may still be a runner-up in the search engine wars, but it will become a much stronger runner-up with Windows 10. Yahoo (powered by Bing search egine) became the default search engine in Firefox North America browsers at the end of 2014. Yahoo rose from 8% of search engine traffic to 29% in Firefox North America as a result of that switch. We should expect to see an almost instantaneous rise in Microsoft's search engine share when free Windows 10 downloads begin for Windows 7 & 8 users. How much of an impact it will have remains to be seen.

Now is a good time to pay attention to how your website ranks in Bing! It will require a bit of a learning curve as the default SEO methods use to rank in Google do not guarantee a corresponding high ranking in Bing. However, it is worth the effort.

Windows 10 - Bing Search

I must admit, I do like the great photography Bing uses for its home page! -Don Peterson

Windows 10: It’s All About Search…