How do you market your wine shop online effectively? Skillful wine shop website design & marketing can help you to find more online customers. In this article, I will discuss two distinct groups of consumers that will use your website, and how to appeal to both.

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The first market consists of wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. They tend to be male, over the age of 40, married with children, with a higher than average household income. They are knowledgeable oenophiles and seek higher quality wines from small vineyards. This group is most likely to buy higher-priced wines online. According to an email survey of 3000 wine purchasers by Wine Spectator magazine,  23% of respondents purchased wine online. While this group is also tech savvy, they do not use Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media tools any more than most consumers in general.

Marketing to wine enthusiasts online

How do you reach online wine enthusiasts? A key strategy is to be sure that the appellations and vineyards sought by enthusiasts are used as keywords and search terms in the content of your wine shop website. The best way to do this is to use a content management system like WordPress that allows you to maintain a wine blog that is frequently and easily updated. As wines are reviewed and released, you can quickly let potential online customers know what wines are available at your shop by updating your wine blog.

In addition, it is quite easy to maintain an email newsletter for online marketing. Wine enthusiasts register their email address at your website and receive instant notification each time a news item or product is mentioned on your website.

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In truth, the wine enthusiast is a stable market that is more than likely seeking your products online. However, the younger market for wine products needs a different, more aggressive marketing approach.

Marketing Wine to Millennials Online

"Millennial consumers of legal drinking age currently purchase very little wine online, even though they grew up with the Internet. The researchers discovered the main reasons were that Millennials think shipping costs are too high and would prefer not to wait for a wine shipment. Also, they like to buy wine that they have an “experiential connection with," wrote the authors, a wine they've tasted in the past or one recommended by someone they know." -Wine Spectator magazine.

Largely, wine marketing to Millennials is local marketing. Your wine shop website should entice the younger wine consumers into your shop with wine tasting events, sales, and the use of Social Media. “Millennials enjoy the experience of physically choosing the wine and reading the labels in the retail outlet,” said Dr. Marianne McGarry Wolf, head of the Wine & Viticulture department at Cal Poly.

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To best serve Millennials, the story behind the wine needs to be told online. Educate them about wine, and answer their questions. Wine shop website design should market wine as an integral part of their lifestyle. It should show the settings and events where wine can be enjoyed. It must convey the emotion and romance of wine. Also, wine shop websites should appeal to female consumers in particular.

Give Your Website A Personality

A great way to win the loyalty of wine consumers is to make your wine shop website personable and approachable. Make someone on your staff the face and voice of your website. Share your wine knowledge. Offer tips about wine storage, decanting, how to pair wine and food... Share your expertise on your website and in Social Media.

Keep a prominent display in your shop with a barcode customers can quickly scan with smartphones to access your website. Of course, it goes without saying that you should have a smartphone compatible website as well!

These suggestions will consistently grow your online audience and your base of loyal customers. As your website grows it will be seen as both a local and national resource for wine lovers.By the way, The New York Times has a great article on 20 Wines under $20. This is a great article that should attract Millenial consumers looking to be educated about wine.

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