Update August 16, 2016: WordPress 4.6 has just been released. Follow the link to learn more: WordPress 4.6 "Pepper"

Wordpress 4.4 Upgrade

WordPress 4.4 Now Has Responsive Images!

This is one of the best features of this upgrade. You no longer need a plugin or additional coding to ensure that your images are fully responsive when viewed on Mobile devices. That function is now built into WordPress. Yay! This makes it much easier and simpler for WordPress website designers to work with images.

WordPress 4.4 prepares us for a world where we design for Mobile first. Consumers choose Mobile devices as their first choice for online search and browsing. As a result, how our websites look and function on Mobile devices matters more than how they render on desktop computers. That new reality can be seen in the design virtues of the new default theme included with WordPress 4.4.

The New WordPress "Twenty Sixteen" Theme

WordPress Twenty Sixteen Theme

The dominance of Mobile is evidenced by the new default theme released with WordPress 4.4. The new "Twenty Sixteen" theme has a cleaner, simpler look than previous default themes. It appears somewhat spartan on desktop computers, yet, it has the perfect balance of design and functionality on smartphones.

Embed WordPress Posts From Other Sources Into Your Blog

WordPress embed post feature

This is another great new feature worthy of mention in WordPress 4.4. You can easily embed WordPress posts from any other website into your WordPress post simply by pasting the URL into the post editor. WordPress will grab the featured image, title and post content along with an attribution link. Easy 'peasey!'

There you have it. We have some great reasons to upgrade to WordPress 4.4, a truly responsive upgrade!

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