Choose WordPress for Your Business Website!

As a small business owner, you need a website that offers smart design and functionality in an economical package. WordPress offers the perfect combination of low cost, smart design options, and a powerful feature set. The added complexity of mobile friendly (smartphone and tablet compatibility) design is easily handled in WordPress as well. No other software gives you all of the essential big business website features in one low-cost package.

Why Choose WordPress for Small Business Websites

7 reasons to choose WordPress for your small business website:

1. You can blog with WordPress.

The best way to maintain an up-to-date conversation with existing and potential customers is a blog. It is an efficient way to reach the widest audience with your latest news. It is also the best way to ensure that Google rewards your website with high rankings and more traffic. Google loves seeing fresh content on your website and so do your customers. WordPress makes this super easy!

2. WordPress provides automated security updates.

A major concern with any website is security. WordPress is very good about providing automated updates that address security risks. Plus, there are excellent security plugins that add additional protection for your website.

3. WordPress is open source (& free).

"Open source" means that developers constantly contribute to the development of WordPress in the form of plugins, themes, and updates. This means that new features and updates are rapidly developed. You get the latest and greatest updates and features for free.

4. WordPress is Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Google has stated on record that WordPress is the single best search engine friendly software you can use for building your website. Plus, there are excellent plugins that guide you through the process of writing the best search engine optimized content for your website. No other software platform makes this as easy as WordPress.

5. WordPress is tested and proven

This is not the new kid on the block. WordPress was created in 2003, and has been steadily refined and enhanced since then. That makes it a stable and proven foundation for your small business website.

WordPress Website Design for Small Business

6. WordPress Developers Are Universal

This is the single most popular software for website development. Over 74,000,000 websites are powered by WordPress. Finding someone to maintain or develop your website is easy because it is so universally adopted and popular. If you have a problem with WordPress, chances are the solution is just a link away.

7. WordPress is serious software.

The New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Inc. (to name a few), all use WordPress to power websites that serve millions of monthly visitors. It can easily handle your needs as a small business owner.

At we love WordPress. In fact, more than 75% of all websites we develop for our small business clients are powered by it. Contact us to learn how we can use the power of WordPress to make your business more profitable! Click here to learn more about our WordPress Website Design.

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