WordPress Website Design That Meets Your Business Objectives

I offer a full range of WordPress website design and development for the small business client. Whether you require a blog or a full-featured e-commerce website, I can create a website that fits your specific needs and tastes. I provide a full range of specialized related services and support, from Content Marketing to Social Media, blogging to Search Engine Optimization.

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WordPress Websites That Respond To Your Customers Needs

For the past four years, every website developed in my studio is Mobile compatible. I use responsive web design within the WordPress framework to create websites that are fully compatible with smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and more. This ensures that your WordPress website will remain compatible for years to come with any mobile devices that appear on the market.

It is not enough to be Mobile compatible. Your website must make a great presentation on Mobile devices! I ensure that your website looks great on all smartphones. More consumers will visit your website on smartphones than on any other device or computer. In 2015 more than half of all Web browsing was done on smartphones. That figure will rise in 2016 and beyond. It is vital that your WordPress website design and presentation is just as appealing on a compact smartphone as it is on a desktop computer.

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WordPress Experience for Reliable Website Design

In the WordPress community, there are more than 30,000 plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress. Not all plugins are equal. You need an experienced WordPress developer that can help you to choose the most reliable and best-performing plugins and tools for your website. With nearly two decades of experience in WordPress development, we can choose the best-in-class plugins and tools to extend the functionality of your website.

WordPress website design for business

Perhaps you have selected a theme that you would like to use for your WordPress website. There are a number of factors that should be considered in making that choice. Is the WordPress theme search engine optimized? Some themes are not properly set up in accord with the best SEO standards recommended by Google and other search engines. I can review the theme and help to make the right choice. There are other factors to consider:

Get expert advice before choosing a WordPress theme or plugin for your website!

Is the WordPress theme fast loading? Does the code contain any hidden links or code that should be avoided? Will it work with the most recent upgrade to WordPress? These are some of the issues I inspect to make sure that you get the most value from your WordPress theme.

Why is WordPress A Great Choice  for Your Business Website?

Not too long ago, to have the range of functionality that WordPress offers would have required hiring a team of expensive programmers and designers. Now, thanks to WordPress, you can have a free license to a software that offers a range of features that would not have been affordable to the small business owner in times past.

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In addition, nearly 30 million websites run on WordPress. It has a worldwide community of users that share their experience and expertise. Chances are you or someone on your staff already knows how to use WordPress for blogging or a personal website. It is easy to learn. Most of my clients, who are not 'geeks,' usually can learn how to manage content in WordPress in less than a half hour. This is a cost-effective solution to your online marketing needs!

WordPress Makes Great Design Happen!

As a web designer, I appreciate the flexibility that WordPress allows when designing client websites. I can create websites that are unique and visually appealing. Yet it also allows me to maintain the ease-of-use needed to make your website simple to use for the widest online audience.

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The WordPress Design Expertise You Need

I have been involved in WordPress Website Design since it was introduced in 2003. Like many of the early users, I used it for creating online journals and blogs. As it grew in functionality, it was used for more complex business websites. Today, it has the flexibility to meet the needs of any small business. More than 75% of all of the websites I develop are built with WordPress.

However, I do more than build great WordPress websites. I also provide training, support, and maintenance for my WordPress clients. I have helped my clients to develop cost-effective online marketing strategies with the tools made available in WordPress. Are you ready to get the most from your new WordPress website? Call Don Peterson

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