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WordPress websites for photographers

Every photographer needs a website to showcase their work. The WordPress system has a number of innovative blog and content management features that make it ideal for photographers looking to share their work with the widest possible audience. As an amateur photographer and full-time web designer, I have used a variety of content management systems for creating photographer’s websites. I have found that WordPress provides the best value for photography website design, and is a cost-effective solution for small business budgets. It is also a robust system that can support large photo collections with ease. The New York Times uses WordPress for its online photo blogs. Here are a few of the benefits WordPress offers that can meet any photographer’s needs:

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Easy Photo Gallery Management

A photographer’s blog differs from normal blogs or websites in that they emphasize the image rather than the text. WordPress provides basic photoblog management tools along with extensive features that can be added through plugins. You can batch process uploading files, automatically re-size images, show exif data, watermark images, with freely available custom plugins. Also, there are a variety of gallery scripts that determine the layout and functionality of your photo gallery. No other content or blog management software has the depth of functional and visual choices as WordPress.

Website Administrative Tools

All of the gallery tools offered in WordPress come with an interface designed to be understood by the typical non-technical user. After all, you’re a photographer, not a web developer. If you have any experience using a basic word processing software, then you are already familiar with the WordPress administrative interface. Typically, most of my clients, who are busy small business owners or entrepreneurs, are trained to use WordPress in about a half hour. After uploading photos and adding content once or twice, they become comfortable with the WordPress interface. Because WordPress has a deep worldwide base of users and developers (more than 60 million downloads of WordPress 3.0 worldwide), there are countless tutorials, online videos, and support forums that address any issues you may face in managing a photography blog, gallery and website. We also provide full training and support for our WordPress clients.

Search Engine Optimization

A great looking website is of little use for marketing and promotion if it cannot be properly indexed in search engines. Skillful search engine optimization (SEO) must be designed into the framework of your website. WordPress is considered by Google spokesmen Matt Cutts to be the most search engine friendly software available today. “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues,” according to Matt Cutts, Google spokesperson. In addition to the excellent default optimization tools, there are freely available plugins that extend the SEO power of WordPress. We understand the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization, and can help you to benefit fully from the SEO tools available in WordPress.

WordPress is Mobile Friendly

The ability to create one website that meets the needs of all visitors is essential. Whether they are using iPhones, smartphones, tablets or iPads, a responsive WordPress website will display properly. Indeed, that is one of the core features of WordPress and essential to you and your potential customers.

WordPress Blog and Web Site Design

One of the pitfalls that must be avoided when designing a website and/or gallery for photographers is over-design. The focal point of your website must be your photography, not the design that surrounds it. WordPress is ideally suited for a wide range of tasteful, smart web design options that will compliment your photography. There are certain “best practices” that should be adhered to when designing page layouts for photographer’s websites. If a visitor has to spend time trying to figure out how your site works, it becomes a distraction from your photography. Simple, clear page layout and navigation tools are combined with subtle, tasteful web design in the best WordPress sites for photographers.

The WordPress platform allows for a wide range of design choices. It is up to your web designer to make those choices wisely. With more than a decade of experience with WordPress, I can help you to create a photography website that is ideal for your needs. Contact Don Peterson,

The photo gallery featured on this page shows my photos from the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. You may also enjoy reading how smart marketers use WordPress.

WordPress for Photographers