Why Mobile Web Matters To Your Business

Here is the issue every business website owner now faces: For years, we all browsed the web on desktop computers and laptops. Typically, they all had 14 to 17-inch monitors with standard viewing dimensions. That made things simple for web designers. We built one website that, predictably, worked on all computers. Well, now, that world has been turned upside down by the Mobile Web. The term Mobile Web refers to all portable devices, such as smartphones, Blackberrys, iPhones, iPods, and Android-powered tablets used to browse the Web. Because these devices are portable, they have smaller screens in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions.

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Mobile Web is rapidly becoming the most popular way for consumers (your customers) to view websites on the Internet. In fact, by late 2015, more people use their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet than use desktop computers/laptops. This is the true both nationally (in the United States) and worldwide.

What Mobile Web Can Do For Your Business

In plain English, this means that most people are now using their smartphones and tablets to research products and find a local business. Businesses like yours. The Mobile Web is the new, and far more powerful, Yellow Pages. If your business sells products directly to consumers, most of them will be locating your business and researching your products using a smartphone or tablet. If you have a website that is optimized for Mobile Web devices you are far more likely to attract more new customers. Mobile Web is the new local directory, classifieds, Sunday newspaper with ads and coupons, all rolled into one. If you want to find local consumers, they are on the Mobile Web.

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Why You Need Responsive Web Design Now

“Companies are still slow to invest the time and money into the development required to turn their antiquated websites into responsive websites that render perfectly no matter what device a person is using.” –Why You Need to Prioritize Responsive Design Right Now, Forbes Business. “You don’t want to fall behind and watch your competitors launch responsive websites while yours is still stuck in 2010 (or earlier). The time to get responsive with your web design is now.”

Why Your Current Website Will Not Work

Here’s the problem: Your current business website is not easy to view on a portable smartphone or tablet. The images and videos are too large, and the menus and links are hard to use. They work fine when using a mouse and keyboard, but are very difficult to use when browsing with a fat finger on a small smartphone screen. It can be quite frustrating, and will most likely cause potential customers to leave your website, and choose another business website that is easier use on their smartphone or tablet. That’s not good for your business.

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Here’s one example: Walmart acknowledges that nearly half of the traffic to its website comes from mobile phones. “Shoppers “are one click away from someone else,” stated Joel Anderson, chief executive officer of Walmart.com in the U.S. To stay competitive with Amazon and Ebay (who have been early adapters to Mobile Web) they are adding features that will make their website more smartphone and tablet friendly. Based on current forecasts, half of all Web traffic will come from mobile phones by 2014.

What You Need To Do To Reach Customers Using Mobile Web

The solution is simple. You need a website that will adapt to all computers and portable devices used to access the Web. A website that can do that is called, “Responsive.” Hence the term, “Responsive Web Design.” A Responsive Website can detect what sort of device the consumer is using, and adapt to fit it perfectly. It will show big images and videos on desktop computers and laptops. On smaller Mobile Web Devices, it re-sizes everything to fit and automatically adds links that can be easily followed with fat fingers on small smartphones. Most of your customers need this now.

How I Can Help You

The last thing small businesses want to do is waste money or overspend. Budget-minded entrepreneurs want solutions that contribute to the success of their business. We understand. For over a decade, I have helped small businesses to maximize their potential online. I don’t just build websites. I show you to use your website to generate new leads and attract potential customers. My  web design studio has thrived for over twelve years without paying a nickel for advertising. I teach you the same simple online marketing techniques that are responsible for our business success.

I build cost-effective “responsive” websites that are compatible with all Mobile Web devices (smartphones, tablets) and normal computers. I speak your language, and can help you to make sense of all of this. Mobile Web is a huge market that you can profit from... And, you should! Call Don Peterson, Freelance Web Designer . I can help your business to profit from the brave new online world!

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